Preview (Island 2 & 3)

Hello everyone!

I've finished Island 3 yesterday, but I forgot to post the info about Island 2 after I finished it. So, here's Island 2, and Island 3, both on one post.

Island 2

In Island 2, the gimmick for this island is ice surfaces, which won't stop the ball from rolling once on contact, unlike some other surfaces. The gimmick will be introduced in Stage 2.  While that's the only gimmick in the island, the snow surfaces has higher traction than grasses in Island 1.

To differentiate between ice and snow, ice surfaces are darker than the snow surfaces.

Island 3

In Island 3, the gimmick for this island is hard sand surfaces, which will harshly slow down the ball on contact. The gimmick will be introduced right from Stage 1.

You can spot a hard sand by checking the texture. If a surface is not patterned, there it is! You just spot a hard sand!

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