Update 1.1 is available!

Hello my fellow launchers, it has been 6 days since the game is released. And because of your feedback, this game just received an update!

Introducing version 1.1, which includes some cosmetic changes and bug fixes. (?)

Zooming fix

No zooming with the mouse

In the initial release, users may cannot zoom using the mouse/touchpad.

Fast keyboard zoom

Also, the zooming system may getting too overpowered with the keyboard controls! So, I’ve fixed the problem.

A new way to pause

As you may expect (I’m sure you do), you can only pause by pressing Escape.

This method might not optimal for mouse-controlled games like this game. So, you can now bash that right mouse button to pause.

Tutorial stage changes

Well, you may know that in Island 1-5, there’s a technique that you need to figure by yourself. So, I’ve added the technique to thepractice grounds tutorial stage, which can be accessed from the main menu.

Fixed a truncation in the instructions screen

Well, you may see that there’s a part where it supposed to beHold the Left Mouse Button to charge and release to launch. But you may getting confused because to launch is missing from the sentence.

I’ve fixed it by modifying the texts. There, no more confusions.

About screen rewrite

As I’m too lazy to change the version number in the About screen each time I make an update, I’ve planned to change the About texts.(Plus, I forgot to say thanks to the creators of the screenshot system that I downloaded from Asset Store.)

So, that’s all for the update notes. I hope you’re getting satisfied with this update.


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Version 2 Oct 24, 2017

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